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January 9, 2013


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WOOHOOOOO!!!! XDD Just watched the movie and I can tell you it's f*ckin great!!! XD The whole movie is probably the greatest FT show I've seen so far ^_^ Finally after months of waiting... I've watched it!!!! XDD Thanks to a certain someone of telling me it's showing in my country ^_^

My comments: Subtitles were present and it's really convenient but not perfect ^_^" Errors of words can still be found but overall it's good ^_^ Being an adventure/action movie it's great that the director decide to bring out on the explosive sounds of the magic powers and explosions ^_^ I was really shook by the pure awesomeness of the sound effects XD The drawings as everyone states looks cleaner than the anime but the effects and the backgrounds have improved too ^_^ Particularly enjoy the city parts as it really display the culture and jives of a city would have ^_^ and finally FT finally shows the old style method of magic transportations.. Magic brooms and flying carpets XDOverall the whole movie really has the FT flavor and a mix of Rambo, Angry birds, Naruto, and Assassins creed XD

Now for my comments about the characters:

Natsu: As usual prone to motion sickness and always got Lucy's and everyone's back ^_^ and the best part of the movie where every Nalu fan long to see... The hug... ^_^ <3 Only he's funnier and more focused in the movie... Beating almost impossible opponents and to protect his nakamas.

Lucy: Sensitive and sweet is all I can describe her in the movie ^_^ I favor the parts where she constantly says 'Natsu' throughout almost the entire movie XD It's really sad that she shares the same pain as Eclair and they were just starting to really warm up with each other. And as of FT tradition again... XD You can find her showing of her body parts in a ridiculous situation XDD

Gray: Probably the comedian of the show XD He's stripping habits really made me laugh like crazy as he gets arrested. But of course there's the love of Gruvia with him working excellently with Juvia in fights XD

Erza: Another comedian with the obsession with a wedding dress which ironically used to defeat her opponent... But when it comes down to serious shit, this girl never fails to disappoint us with her badass slicing and dicing XD Currently obsessed into getting married though.. XD

Wendy: She seems a lot stronger in the movie with her roars exceptionally larger and powerful even comparable to Natsu's Still she retains her cute self as always XD

Juvia: What can I say XD Half of the show she's up in the clouds again imaginig and obsessing about Gray XDD

Gajeel: Probably the most badass FT character besides Laxus in the show ^_^ there's still no short of his favorite lines... GIHI... XD

Prince Cream: I really hate this slime ball... Snotty and arrogant.. A good thing Dits left him hanging on a tower to rot....

Dits: Reminds me a bit of Hades or Kagura.. His pyschic powers are really quite scary.. Makes him feel calm and absolute when he faces up anyone... But if he's distracted or reckless the effectiveness of his magic seems to be decreased... Love his crazy obsession to obtain the Phoenix blood though XD

Charnubul girl: A copy cat of Erza but with an addition of having to nullify other mages magic around her.. Got beaten by Erza in a wedding dress though XDD

Big buff guy: Reminds me of Rambo XD His requip guns are one of the highlights of the sound effects in the show ^_^ I really love how the creators consider adding the realistic explosion sounds to the movie through him. Quite funny considering how he always call Gray, Pretty boy XDD

Assassin/Ninja Mage: I release the fact that Mashima has come to like Assassins creed with a heavy reference added to this character. This dude is really scary if faced up alone.. Requiping assassin weapons and able to phase into walls or as shadows.. The worst part is he could slip inside your body and impale you with blades from the inside.. Just ask Gajeel how that feels.. *Shivers =_="

Eclair: Not really likable at first but with Lucy to soften her up.. She's really got a sad past and destiny with no friends or companions except Monmon.. I really feel sorry she has to go through so much in the movie like that... It's just really sad....

Monmon: The most loyal and caring bird I've seen >~< I kinda cried when he tried to save Eclair in the burring fire even if he got real banged up by Dits... A true friend indeed T-T Rest in peace little birdie....

Happy: Well..... The funny cat never changes huh XD With his most hilarious part at the beginning of the show XDD

Makarov: As usual this old geezer has his ways of pissing off the council and staying strong in tough situations XD Gotta admire his commitment to saving lives all the time ^_^

Laxus and Raijinshuu: Small part in the movie but really looks badass fighting the Phoenix, they were able to topple it within a few strikes XD

The Phoenix: Mashima's way of introducing a Juubi-class monster into FT I was expecting this giant to look all fiery and bird like but instead it looks all mechanical and looks more like the white bird in Angry birds XDD Still.. This thing makes up for it's immense firepower than it's looks =_=" With creating energy balls capable of devastating large areas. This badass machine will make Achnologia piss in it's own pants with it's 'destroy the whole world' bomb...

So that pretty much sums up the whole thing for me ^_^ Great movie by the creators and Mashima Thank you for giving the FT fans they're very first awesome movie ^_^

I would like to give my thanks to CuteyFira for informing the good news of this movie showing in my country ^_^ Thank you so much
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GoldenPhoenix213 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Just in case anyone wants to see the movie with subs IŽll leave a link [link]
lulucow58 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
k can u tell me why lucy was naked????? i saw the link on fb in these comments why was she naked and did not freak out??? ( she was standing in front of gray and natsu why????)
Joshdinobarney Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013  Student Digital Artist
she and eclair were in the same room.. lucy just finished showering and a ninja/assassin mage came out of nowhere and attacked them.. they run and the boys came to their rescue... So happens Lucy is still in her towel and it fell off after the chase, Gray and Natsu were just right infront of her... XDD
lulucow58 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
omg that is awesome!!!!
PunkPrincess789 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013  Student General Artist
I WANT TO SEE !!:iconwaahplz:
LuNa-HD Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're in Malaysia isn't it? So does that mean, it was on Air in Malaysia. OMigosh O.O I wanna watch itt!
CuteyFira Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Your welcome!!! :D wait-WHAT you already watch it?!i want to see it but i cant :icondesperateplz: uwahhh you so lucky :iconruncryplz:
Joshdinobarney Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Yeah XD Oh poor thing.. Maybe I should have recorded the movie for you guys XD But I'll most likely get arrested XD
cloudheart93 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013
I did take a picture of the ecchi scene! xD
Joshdinobarney Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Link it!! XD
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